Friday, January 1, 2010

Pop Up Gift Card Holder

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Today's project is a pop up gift card holder that's a thank you gift for a special friend who rescued me on Christmas Eve. Jacob and I were leaving the grocery store in pouring rain and my car wouldn't start. I reached for my cell phone and realized I left it at home. In less than 4 hours the family will start showing up for Christmas Eve dinner and I'm stranded. We ran back into the store to use the phone and I ran into a gal I know from cub scouts and she had jumper cables. After 30 minutes, completely drenched, we gave up and she offered to take us home and leave the vehicle for my husband to worry about later. Her 2 children loaded all my groceries into her vehicle, without even being asked. Your The Best Heather!
This project was very easy to make and I got the instructions from Gina K at Stamp TV.
Have a great day!


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