Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baby Shower Diaper Cake

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My son's teacher is due to have her baby next month and his class is having a surprise baby shower for her next week. I've seen diaper cakes for purchase(a little pricey), so I thought I would try and make her one. I searched the web and found this great video, on You Tube.

Not too bad for the first try : ) I wish I would have photographed as I went along to show you. I purchased a 6-pack of washcloths and rolled each one tight and put it in a small cellophane bag, inserted a clear lollipop stick and secured with a ribbon. I also purchased a few travel size items and placed them around the base using glue dots to hide the seams.

Here's the side and back views:

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Blog Photos 86176

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Congratulations Mrs. Howard! I hope you like it!

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