Thursday, March 11, 2010

Card & Envelope Box

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I tried making a video tutorial yesterday, actually I spent at least 4 hours trying. Needless to say I couldn't complete it. It's more difficult than I thought. The problem is that our house is not quiet enough to film a video that's 10 minutes or less:
  • Phone rings, stop the camera
  • Door bell rings, dog barks, stop the camera
  • Son asks" Are you done yet Mom?", stop the camera
  • Husband asks,"What are you doing? Oh, your filming...sorry!" stop the camera
  • Husband goes outside. Goes by window with leaf blower, stop the camera
  • Son brings friends inside to watch mom, stop the camera
  • Son & friends start playing PSP3. Machine gun & grenade noises in background, stop the camera
  • Finally, everybody is outside and the house is quite, start filming...battery on camera goes dead....I quit!

So, here's the typed instructions : )

  • One sheet of 12" x 12" cardstock

  1. Score at 3"
  2. Rotate 1/4 turn
  3. Score at 3" & 6"
  4. Rotate 1/4 turn
  5. Score at 3"

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6. Use bone folder on score lines

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7. Cut on the following score lines to the intersecting score lines

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8.On the upper flap measure 3" from where you just made cut and mark with a pencil.

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9. Repeat step 8 on opposite flap.

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10.Line up the pencil mark and the 3" score line on paper trimmer and cut. Repeat on other side.

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11. Now it should look like this:

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12. Apply sticky strip to the following areas:

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13. Adhere front flaps lining up edges:

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14. Adhere back side flaps:

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15. Box is assembled. Time to decorate.

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16. 6" x 1" Whisper White CS using the Scallop Trim Border punch:

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17. Attach 7" piece of Chocolate Chip Satin ribbon. Attach to box with sticky strip.

18. Measure in 3" and mark. Punch hole with Cropodile or paper piercer. Attach Circle Brad or Filigree Brad.

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If you have any questions, please let me know.


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