Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Craft Room

This room use to be our sons playroom. It was adorable...I painted two walls with green chalkboard paint and made rolling hills, painted a blue sky with clouds, a big bright sun until you turned off the light then it would glow in the dark and become the moon. One wall was the ocean in magnetic paint. I thought it was darling, but at 12 he no longer thought it was cute, so I moved his things out and repainted everything. We've lived in this house 12 years and this is the 5Th time I have moved it, but I think I'm finally satisfied. I have more room and I'm better organized.

This is the view from the door:

My husband built these bookcases, which I adore because they provide a ton of storage. They were stained a medium oak color, so it took a lot of primer and a lot of paint.

I purchased this desk at Ikea and using it as a sewing table and the small cabinet next to it holds quite a bit of fabric and sewing supplies.

This area still needs to be cleaned up and organized better.

The overhead cabinets provide a home for all my wood mount stamp sets and the clear, plastic trays are perfect for storing / organizing SU card stock.

Yeppers, I think I'm finally satisfied in my new room.


  1. Beth...your craft room is "to die for"! Just must be so inspiring! Susan

  2. Love this! Please join my "Craft room showcase" link party over at my blog Model, Make and Mend All welcome :) Thanks!

  3. My dream craft room! :)

  4. Such a well organized craft studio Beth. Love how organized you have all your supplies. LOVE LOVE LOVE everything from IKEA! Many THANKS for sharing with us.

  5. Wow! Beth, this is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with everyone. I recently found your site and have been on it everyday for the last few weeks just amazed at the clean, sophisticated projects you create. Imagine my surprise with your PPA pick this week! Thanks so much. I truly admire your work:)

  6. awesome craft room.. good's fabulous. My craft room is an itty bitty space, our home is tiny but thanks to enclosing the outdoor porch on the front on the house I now have a craft/Bible study room.. I call the playpen☺ Perhaps I'll post pics some day on my blog too, that's a great idea.

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