Friday, January 20, 2012

Organization and Product Tips

Did you make New Years Resolutions this year? Are you finding if difficult to keep them? Yep, me too. I make the same ones year after year. But this year is going to be different and I'm working on them one at a time.

Almost everyone I talk to, wants to be better organized, including myself. There is always room for improvement. For me, ciaos causes confusion and lack of creativity. This year, which is #5 on my list: "I will not start a new craft project, until everything from the previous project has been put away and my work surface cleaned". This was actually a very easy one for me. I have always been one to organize, so I thought once a week I would share some organizational & product tips. So, let's get organized and get back to stamping!

Here's this weeks tip:

White StazOn (106960)
  • It's opaque, quick- drying, permanent ink. Perfect for nonporous surfaces. Due to the the quick-drying nature of the White StazOn, new pads come un-inked and include the ink refill.
  • Store StazOn ink pads upside down to help keep the ink at the surface of the pad.
  • Shake the ink refill well, hold it against the un-inked pad at a 45 degree angle and squeeze the refill bottle. Cover the entire surface of the pad. Close pad and allow it to sit for a few minutes for the ink to soak in evenly. Test stamp and add more ink if needed.
  • A clear cover is included in every StazOn ink pad, because of its quick-drying nature. This lid is important and easy to misplace. Add a Mini Glue Dot to the center of the StazOn lid. Place the clear cover on the ink pad and then place the lid on the pad. Press down and the clear cover will now be conveniently attached to the lid.
  • Now you won't misplace the clear cover, get ink on your fingers removing and replacing it and your StazOn ink pads won't dry out.
I hope you'll try this weeks tip. Enjoy Your Day!

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