Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Organization & Product Tips

This weeks tip is for the Blossom Petals Punch. The Blossom Petals punch design features multiple cut-outs within one punch. This is a great feature because with the four shapes you get more bang for your buck! These punches are a bit different to use than standard single-image punches. Use the following information and tips to get the best results.

The Blossom Petal punch coordinates with the Build a Blossom stamps. It also makes a versatile standalone punch. Traditional punches are designed so a single stamped image matches a single punch. The Blossom Petals punch is designed to punch each stamped image separately. Some of the punch shapes do double duty with the Build a Blossom stamp set as both leaf and petal images.

If you want to punch out only the large, medium and small petal images you can. Hold the Blossom Petal punch with the cutting window face up. Slide a piece of card stock that measures about 2-1/2” x 3” into the left edge of the punch and punch the three smaller petals. Or only punch out the large leaf/petal image using a 1-1/2” wide strip of card stock inserted from the sides or top of the punch. When creating punch art create extra definition and the illusion of depth by sponging the edges of the punched pieces before assembling. If stamping a leaf or petal images, stamp them on a strip of card stock with the long side of the stamp lined up with the edge of the card stock.

If stamping large petal image, stamp it upright on a 2-1/2” tall strip of card stock. Then feed the card stock into the right edge of the punch to avoid wasting card stock or punching part of your stamped image with the smaller petal cut-outs. Then move card stock strip to the left to punch the next petal.