Friday, February 17, 2012

Organization & Product Tips

This weeks tip is for using the Stampin' Around Builder Wheel. Add fun and versatility to your projects using the Stampin’ Around Builder Wheels. Along with the Jumbo Stampin’ Around Handle you’ll need Builder Wheels and the Builder Wheel Spindle and Spacers. The Builder Wheel Spindle and Spacers come in a set. One end, or cap, of the spindle slides off to allow you to slide on Builder Wheels and spacers.

Get creative using one wheel with two spacers, by sliding the Builder Wheel and then two spacers onto the spindle and then replacing the end cap of the spindle.

Or use two Builder Wheels next to each other with a spacer at one edge, or two Builder Wheels with a spacer in between.

Use three Builder Wheels in any combination to create a whole variety of options! Wheels have a seam where the rubber stamp ends meet. When using more than one wheel line up the seams of each wheel with each other to avoid uneven wheeled images caused by slight changes of the wheel sized caused by the glued ends.

Builder Wheels can be used with Jumbo Ink Cartridges for single color or Triple Cell Cartridge for up to three colors. Triple Cell Cartridges are unlinked to allow you to create your favorite combinations using Ink Refills.

Dividers separate each section of the Triple Cell Cartridge. When adding ink refill to each section avoid getting too close to the divider or the ink can overflow into the next section. Ink lightly & add more if needed.

Place cartridge into Jumbo Handle, add spindle with Builder Wheels. Place wheels in handle so images are right side up when wheeled, this changes for right or left handed stampers.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Thanks for this post, Beth. I've not purchased these yet but may now. Your picture of inking the Builder Wheel is very helpful!